Research & Resources in Food Protection October Webinar

Food and Agriculture Sector Cargo Theft: A Growing National Problem. Presented by: John T. Hoffman, Col., USA, Ret., Senior Research Fellow, National Center for Food Protection and Defense | A dramatic shift has occurred in the profile of cargo thefts. For the first time in the U.S., the top commodity stolen during the first quarter of 2014 was food! Because food can be resold quickly for around 70 cents on the dollar, it has become a rapid path to substantial cash for criminal elements to include terrorist supporting groups seeking to fund terrorist activities. These activities present substantial brand theft to the original producers of the product, the potential risks to consumers, particularly those most likely to purchase low cost foods. The practice is adding to the already burdensome work load of public health and law enforcement investigators, the growing cost of the thefts to industry is raising the price of food for everyone and, perhaps even more disturbing, is that the success of recent criminal acts is begetting new players in organized crime and, very likely, interest on the part of new players in radical organizations.